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Cake, this is one of the many western desserts that has taken an important space in all our Indian celebrations. A blend of all purpose flour, sugar and additional flavoured essence has produced various textured cakes with and without egg. With the best finishing to look the most attractive and the right proportions of ingredients to create an ultimate product with the best process, our local bakers in Belgaum are well known for doing delivery of cakes in Belgaum.

These desserts are made such that they can be kept refrigerated or few would be still fresh even at room temperature. Based on the type of the cake, we do online delivery of cake in belgaum within four hours to any location.


Over the years with the increasing demand of incorporating cakes in any kind of occasions, there has been an increase in the way the cakes are produced. Fruit cakes, plum cakes,  cup cakes have become an add on to the big one. Various conceptualised cakes are coming up. The essence of sweets are getting blended into the process of making cakes to come up with some types for example Rasmalai Cake is abundantly found and tastes the yummiest. There has been different kinds of experiments being done and so is the commonly available ice-cream cake that when included in your celebrations shall certainly delight all your guests.


We do online delivery of red velvet cake with a prior intimation. This is one of the many customised cakes which requires special ingredients and need to be made with little more attention.




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