5 New Year Resolution ideas

5 New  Year Resolution ideas

Each morning begins with fresh mind and body. Similar is the case with New Year. This is an opportunity to have a break from the routine and focus on things to do and not to do in one’s life. Though the year begins with lots of celebrations on wider scale, there are ample measures taken by many to have a resourceful year. Few of those include below new year resolution ideas

Quit a bad habit

This may be one habit of yours which is hooked up and is hard to get rid off. It may be creating hindrance in your day to day life. It can be anything be it waking up late or sleeping regularly or spending lots of time playing mobile games or watching TV. Take an oath to get rid of such activity and replace it with some useful action to be done on regular basis that shall also yield some productivity.

Lent on food, drink or smoke

It is widely known by all that smoking and alcohol consumption are injurious to health. One may be addicted to it even after knowing its pros and cons. Grab this opportunity to improve upon this. There may also be some kind of food which is harming your body. May be lots of sugar in your tea or coffee or junk food daily. Resolution can be as simple and easy as it can be or as difficult as you want.

One step to better health

With the increasing awareness of fitness among every individual, many have become health conscious. You can make one fitness activity part of your routine this year. It may include at the least 15 minutes workout, eating lots of salad, walking daily for sometime or as simple as having water at regular intervals.

Changes in wardrobe

There may be many such clothes in your wardrobe which are left unused. You may want to get rid of them. You can work on giving new look to your existing clothes. Or replace with new ones.

It may be a haircut or a new accessory that adorns you to change your look. It can also be a change in spectacles. With different clothing you can have a change in your attire. As per your desire, you can continue such changes till the time you wish to.



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