Different Kinds of Best Chocolates That One Should Try

Everyone likes chocolate, but few people know that there are several types of this delicacy on the market. So, not to be in doubt when buying, check out the differences of each product and make the right choice. Chocolate comes in several versions on the market. In addition to the different types and grades of cocoa, it can still be found in different formats such as bars, drops and tablets, but each one has its specific use. If you want to Send Chocolates to Belgaum you can easily shop it from online.


Toblerone is one of the most famous Swiss chocolate bars out there. It is known for its long-lasting flavor and insanely delicious taste. The ingredients of Toblerone are only pure Swiss milk, natural honey and some of the best raw materials around the world. If you are a chocolate lover, you must try this classic Swiss chocolate. Send Flowers to Belgaum with this delicious chocolate for your loved ones on their special occasions.


Still from Belgium, there is also the most delicious Guylian chocolate brand which was pioneered by a husband and wife, Guy and Lilian. Each variant has a distinctive and unique taste. This is the reason why Guylian is one of the many delicious chocolate brands in the world. You can also deliver Cakes to Belgaum with mouthwatering Guylian chocolates to celebrate your best days.


Originating in America, Hershey’s chocolate is renowned for its delicacy. Although, in India itself is still sold in limited quantities. As the name suggests, this chocolate was first created by Milton Hersey since 1894. Some of its famous products, such as Hershey’s Chocolate Milk, Hershey’s Syrup, Hershey’s Drops, and Hershey’s Kisses are popularly used.

Ferrero Rocher

In India, the Ferrero Rocher chocolate brand is already available in a number of supermarkets. This chocolate is produced by the company FerreroSpA since 1982. The hallmark of Ferrero Rocher chocolate is the chocolate balls wrapped in a gold wrapper. Send Gifts to Belgaum decorated with Ferrero Rocher will enhance the happiness on birthdays or marriage anniversaries. You can also use these beautiful chocolates and Send Valentines Gifts to Belgaum. Many people of India also use these chocolates for Diwali Sweets.



Godiva Chocolate emerged in Brussels, capital of Belgium and one of the world’s chocolate capitals. Over the years, combining the art of making good chocolate with the commercial flair, the brand has become one of the most famous on the planet, with stores around the world. And the chocolate is so good that it has been named as the official supplier to the royal family of Belgium. Hey, ready to enjoy your loved ones Birthday and then prepare a trip to find the best chocolates in the world? Imagine what a delight! If you want to deliver Gifts to Belgaum then this chocolate is the right choice.

Scharffen Berger

Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker is present at every stage of production, from the cultivation and choice of cocoa to the ready-to-eat bar. The result is dark chocolate in its purest form, with a unique and intense flavor. Send Cakes to Belgaum for your special ones Birthdays and just add these special chocolates to double the happiness.

Welcome to the gift2belgaum, dedicated to online chocolate, which we will bring directly to your home thanks to our home delivery: a practical and fast way to get a tasty treat, an essential ingredient for a dessert or to add a touch of energy to a snack. Discover all the flavors of our online chocolates and all the other formats we have selected for you: dark, milk, hazelnut and almond bars or white chocolate bars for the sweet tooth.

Special Flowers to Cheer Up Your Dear Ones

Whenever there is a special occasion we get confused about what to give to your loved ones. Flowers have always been the best gift and they help us express our emotions even without saying anything. Giving flowers is a beautiful and always appreciated gesture. A fresh and colorful bouquet is a gift that is always suitable to crown the important days of our special people. A beautiful bouquet of flowers is also an excellent hallway, never inappropriate, on occasions where you can’t go empty-handed but don’t know what to bring. If you want to Send Flowers to Belgaum, a simple click on gift2belgaum will satisfy your needs. On a birthday of your dear ones just send Birthday Cakes to Belgaum with some lovely roses to please your partner. We specialize in home flower delivery offering different types of gifts such as sweets, cakes and other beautiful gifts to amaze your loved ones even more. You can easily send Gifts to Belgaum and Send Cakes to Belgaum by hiring us.

Types of Flowers Can Be Available in Belgaum

Flowers convey endless love, flowers profess admiration, and flowers confess apologies. Oh, there are countless emotions and the flower bouquet is the one-stop solution for celebrating different types of emotions. The variety of choice is the main advantage of online florists. And that’s what sets them apart from physically going to the Florist in Belgaum.

Let us show you a few more types of world class flowers which can cheer up your loved ones.


The rose is often referred to as “the queen of flowers”. Whether you buy them for a wedding or a funeral, a birthday or just for fun, roses are always welcome. The rose is therefore also the most popular cut flower in the world and a few new, impressive varieties are added every year.


Many types of lily originate from Japan, China and Korea. The lilies you can find at florists today are the result of crossing different species. Often they are white lilies, but there are also red varieties and lilies in all kinds of attractive pastel shades.

Peruvian Lily

The Peruvian lily stands out due to its special shape. The elongated leaves twist along the stem. At the end, the stem divides into several flower stalks, with flowers in splendid light, bright colors, with interesting drawings. This extraordinary flower turns many bouquets and occasions into something very special.


Freesia is preparing for a big comeback right now. While a few years ago it only seemed popular with older flower customers, today it can suddenly be found again in fashionable, trendy bouquets. In addition to the classic white, yellow and blue freesias, there are currently many new colors in the range.

So, if you are looking to send Gifts to Belgaum with a gorgeous flower arrangement then you are in the right place. gift2belgaum is the best because we are here with some amazing gifts and special flower arrangement types that are really attractive and help you convey your feelings to your loved ones. These are some really beautiful and special types of flower arrangements that make a really nice gift and decorative for various occasions. You can also send Diwali Sweets and Send Valentines Gifts to Belgaum for your special ones to cheer them on these special occasions.

Optimal Valentine Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

I am not aware of your dating duration with your boyfriend. But, definitely, I can help you while purchasing a gift for your partner. Do you think selecting a gift for your boyfriend is an easy job…?! No…! Prior to selecting the gift, a detailed analysis of his interests is necessary.

This is the day of lovers across the universe. Now, let us study the various gift ideas for boyfriend on valentine’s day.


  • A stylish watch is an optimal gift on valentine’s day to your partner. He can remember you whenever he looks at the watch. There are many brands in the market like Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, Blancpain, Chopard, and others.


  • In this world, none of them fall in love without the reason and there are infinite ways to say the word “I LOVE YOU”. You can list out the reasons why you love him..!? And present those reasons on the day of valentine.

  • MUG

  • Are you feeling weird about this suggestion?!! Probably, but I have some uniqueness in this suggestion. You gift the mugs that display the heart when there is a hot coffee or tea in it.


  • Bracelet is the common gift that is given on the valentine’s day but it has become an obsolete trend. The current trend is a GPS bracelet, it helps you know where your sweet-heart is located.


  • Who wishes the ugly face of their partner? They always anticipate being a handsome partner. So, present a shaving set to your partner that includes a safety razor, brush, blades, priming oil, shaving cream, and much other stuff.

  • TIE

  • The men love to wear the tie while wearing the complete formal dress and it increases the delights. There are various colors of the ties that are available in the market. Choose the color that looks good for your dear.


  • You all are aware of the pillow because sleep is uncomfortable without the pillow. The old stuff which is available in your homes like sweater, unused clothes and others, utilize these properly and fabricate the attractive pillow. Make a minor design of heart shape that represents the token of love.


  • All the men like a wallet. So, present the optimal wallet on the day of valentine and make him feel joy. There are different types of wallets like Bi-fold Wallets, Trifold Wallets, Slim Wallets, Travel Wallets, Money Clip Wallets, and RFID Wallets.


  • Do you know to make a cake? If not, you can order. This is the most surprising gift which you can present to your partner, they represent the caringness besides, yummy…!! While preparing the cake, prefer the flavor which is liked by your partner.

Valentine’s day is a significant occasion for the love birds. The gifts vary based on factors like gender, interests and many others. So, the gifts cannot be selected blindly. In the above lines, I have shared ideas pertaining to the day of valentines.

5 New Year Resolution ideas

5 New  Year Resolution ideas

Each morning begins with fresh mind and body. Similar is the case with New Year. This is an opportunity to have a break from the routine and focus on things to do and not to do in one’s life. Though the year begins with lots of celebrations on wider scale, there are ample measures taken by many to have a resourceful year. Few of those include below new year resolution ideas

Quit a bad habit

This may be one habit of yours which is hooked up and is hard to get rid off. It may be creating hindrance in your day to day life. It can be anything be it waking up late or sleeping regularly or spending lots of time playing mobile games or watching TV. Take an oath to get rid of such activity and replace it with some useful action to be done on regular basis that shall also yield some productivity.

Lent on food, drink or smoke

It is widely known by all that smoking and alcohol consumption are injurious to health. One may be addicted to it even after knowing its pros and cons. Grab this opportunity to improve upon this. There may also be some kind of food which is harming your body. May be lots of sugar in your tea or coffee or junk food daily. Resolution can be as simple and easy as it can be or as difficult as you want.

One step to better health

With the increasing awareness of fitness among every individual, many have become health conscious. You can make one fitness activity part of your routine this year. It may include at the least 15 minutes workout, eating lots of salad, walking daily for sometime or as simple as having water at regular intervals.

Changes in wardrobe

There may be many such clothes in your wardrobe which are left unused. You may want to get rid of them. You can work on giving new look to your existing clothes. Or replace with new ones.

It may be a haircut or a new accessory that adorns you to change your look. It can also be a change in spectacles. With different clothing you can have a change in your attire. As per your desire, you can continue such changes till the time you wish to.



unique corporate gift hamper in belgaum

For any business to reach new heights, equal importance has to be given to both customers and the staff. The happy, satisfied and skilled personnel remain to be the backbone of any kind of business growth. Every business strategy focuses equally on employee satisfaction and retention along with customer satisfaction. And so is the whole process of conducting regular feedback and induction programs.

Image result for Best Corporate gift Ideas in 2019

Box of Goodies

While there is lots of wishes exchanged on the eve of new year, why not surprise your employees with box of goodies to each of them. There is a tradition to start any new thing by consuming a sweet. Box of sweets or chocolates shall certainly delight all the employees.

Gift coupon

This is a win-win situation for both employer and employee. Share a coupon of some amount with your employee. He can buy anything out of it as per his desire rather than you give something which he or she may not require at that point of time. A coupon need not be big amount. It can be given as per your available source of income.

Good Luck Charms

These days, feng shui has become quite known and practised among many. Gift your employees a laughing buddha, wind chimes, bamboo plants or money toad ( a three legged frog with a coin in the mouth) and show your concern to their well being. This shall create a connect between employee and employer.


It is important to have a break from the daily schedule to get back to work with fresh minds. Be it a dinner or lunch to any eat out shall create a comforting space among all the colleagues to understand and bond with each other. This not only enables to have an effective team but also boost senses with delicious food.

Useful article

Be it a branded pen, diary, customized calendar with photos of your employees, sippers, power bank, planner book or watch and many more. Any of these can be given or clubbed as per your feasibility to form a unique corporate gift hamper and presented to all your employees and delight them forever.


same day delivery of fresh flowers in Belgaum

Huge setups look amazing when decorated with fresh colourful flowers. During many ceremonies, flowers play an important role. They can be used not only to decorate spaces but also to adorn as ornaments. Earlier flowers were worn on the hair or used as garland. Off late there had been various kinds of ornaments designed using flowers.


Mostly during wedding, flowers play prominent role. They are used while decorating the stage, adorned by the bride, exchanged among the guest. Special flowers are collected and finely weaved together to make different kinds of floral jewellery like necklaces, maang tikha (adorned on forehead), ear rings, arm band,  finger rings, hand harness (connects bangle and finger ring)anklets, bracelets, toe rings. While jasmines are normally used to create these stunning jewellery, there are other kinds of different flowers like lillies, tuberoses, roses, marigold, orchid, carnations used to make the same.


As these are perishable, they do not incur huge costs. They can retain their freshness for a couple of days. The fragrance and colourful look that the floral ornaments possess are magical.


For any kind of occasion, send flowers online to Belgaum to your near and dear ones and share happiness. We have same day delivery of fresh flowers in Belgaum past couple of decades.


online delivery of chocolates in Belgaum

Birthday, Anniversary or any kind of events are totally incomplete without sharing of chocolates among your near and dear ones. Due to the fast paced busy lifes, there are instances when you are physically not present with your loved ones on their special day. However, send chocolates online in Belgaum  and join in the celebrations by showering your love, wishes and blessings.


Earlier, there were limited versions of chocolates available. In the due course of time there are huge number of variations prepared. There is huge competition among the makers and sellers of chocolates. Ultimately increasing the wide availability at ease. With various kinds of chocolates in huge quantities, we do online delivery of chocolates in Belgaum.


There are few chocolates which can be left in room temperature and there texture is undisturbed. However there are many which when not kept in refrigerator tend to melt down and the whole mood of consuming it goes off. Understanding the same, we do same day delivery of assorted chocolates in Belgaum. With a network of chocolate vendors, we do chocolate delivery in Belgaum at best price and to any nook and corner of the whole district.


While huge number of chocolates will certainly delight your dear ones, you can double his happiness with few add ons. We also do same day delivery of fresh flowers in Belgaum. Couple your pack of chocolates with bouquet or basket of finest flowers like roses, carnations, gerberas, orchids to make up a bigger treat.We have coffee mugs, teddy bears, perfumes, watches, Kasuti saree or even wine bottle of Indian brand that can be presented to your loved one. You can also choose to add any of the above and  send customised gift online in Belgaum.



Send Birthday Gifts Online | Birthday Flowers & Cakes Delivery

Birthday is an event which occurs once in a year in ones life. Its special day for each of us. In this fast paced life, we just need a reason to celebrate and give a break from our routine life. What better day can it be than your birthday.

Birthday celebrations are incomplete without the delicious and stunning cake. We are here just to make that for you. We do online delivery of birthday cakes in Belgaum. Earlier the event of cutting a cake was confined to evening celebrations, nowadays, there is a trend to celebrate the event at just beginning of the day that is at 12 in the midnight. We do midnight delivery of birthday cakes in Belgaum. All our cakes are delivered to any part of the whole district within four hours. However some special flavoured cakes like red velvet need to be ordered one day prior.


As we have a wide network of local bakers in Belgaum, we send fresh birthday cakes online at low price in Belgaum. While you wish to gift your loved ones with a yummy cake for birthday, it can be coupled with either sweets, chocolates or gift hampers like personalized coffee mug or teddy bear or bunch of fresh flowers and send best birthday gift online in Belgaum.


Not only birthday, we are available 24*7 for all kinds of occasions. Be it anniversary, get togethers, farewell or welcome party or any other reason of celebrations, we provide online services with our best products across 400 cities of our country.



Online Cake Delivery | Best Cakes Online At Best Prices

Cake, this is one of the many western desserts that has taken an important space in all our Indian celebrations. A blend of all purpose flour, sugar and additional flavoured essence has produced various textured cakes with and without egg. With the best finishing to look the most attractive and the right proportions of ingredients to create an ultimate product with the best process, our local bakers in Belgaum are well known for doing delivery of cakes in Belgaum.

These desserts are made such that they can be kept refrigerated or few would be still fresh even at room temperature. Based on the type of the cake, we do online delivery of cake in belgaum within four hours to any location.


Over the years with the increasing demand of incorporating cakes in any kind of occasions, there has been an increase in the way the cakes are produced. Fruit cakes, plum cakes,  cup cakes have become an add on to the big one. Various conceptualised cakes are coming up. The essence of sweets are getting blended into the process of making cakes to come up with some types for example Rasmalai Cake is abundantly found and tastes the yummiest. There has been different kinds of experiments being done and so is the commonly available ice-cream cake that when included in your celebrations shall certainly delight all your guests.


We do online delivery of red velvet cake with a prior intimation. This is one of the many customised cakes which requires special ingredients and need to be made with little more attention.




Flower Delivery in Belgaum online

We are online service provider who do the business of online flower delivery in Belgaum on a wide scale. With a huge collection of different flowers like roses, gerberas and carnations, we are local florists in Belgaum who reach any corner of the area facilitating same day delivery of fresh flowers to Belgaum.

Be it any kind of occasion, flowers play an important role. They are there when you offer prayers, when you want to decorate your home, when you wish to replace room freshener with the natural fragrance of fresh flowers and many more.

flowers to Belgaum

For women, flowers are nature’s fresh jewellery to wear and look elegant. Flowers initially were used to decorate the hair of every woman. But thanks to the increasing creativity among individuals, there are ornaments being made using jewellery which when worn, shall leave the others impressed.


Flowers are basically related to happy moments. But they have equal importance at sad events. They are not only used as wreaths to convey condolences but also during the final rituals of cremation. They are considered very precious during this moment of farewell. Though we wish to not have such incidents in anyone’s life, we do sell wreath online to Belgaum. We understand such occasions occur suddenly and through us anyone can shower deepest condolences to their dear one as we do online delivery of wreath in Belgaum.

We send flowers online in various forms. Be it basket of fresh roses or a vase artistically designed with beautiful carnations or a bouquet filled with mixed flowers which can also include gerberas, we take pride in doing different forms of online delivery of fresh flowers to Belgaum.